Seamless TV and Radio Workflows Redefined

on 24.08.2023 12:58
With an unwavering commitment to innovation, AETA sets a new standard in audio excellence by introducing the advanced features of ScoopTeam 2.0. This enhanced commentary codec establishes a paradigm shift, ensuring unparalleled audio quality, seamless integration, and superior adaptability for live sports and news broadcasting.

AETA development team has dedicated their efforts to deliver enhanced possibilities, in their mobile live production.In addition to the existing features, ScoopTeam 2.0 introduces improved stereo audio functionality that enhances your audio experience. What's more, the new'sidetone' knob transforms into a 'microphone gain' control, providing ScoopTeam with the flexibility to adapt to various use cases. These innovations, among others, are now at your disposal.

The firmware 2.0 not only takes your broadcasting capabilities to new dimensions,but it also enables seamless TV and Radio workflows. ScoopTeam will forever ensure its users flawless audio transfer over the internet to the Master Control Room (MCR) and integrates effortlessly into RAVENNA and DANTE networks.Furthermore, the integration of dual 5G and 4G-LTE adapter options offers genuine wireless connectivity along side redundant wired Ethernet connections,ensuring uninterrupted operation.