AETA Launches Scoop6 Compact Codec

on 29.08.2022 16:29
Scoop6 follows in the footsteps of the Scoop5s rackmount audio codec. The new unit is, however, more compact and allows users to combine many codecs into just one 19-inch rack unit, even squeezing into crowded MCRs as well as facilitating remote broadcast in OB vans, for example. 
Like Scoop5s, Scoop6 supports multiple network interfaces such as two Ethernet ports as well as 4G and 5G connections, so it’s also adaptable for all types of broadcast applications.
Just half the size of a 19-inch rack unit, the Scoop6 codec offers redundant power supply for safety as well as any kind of audio I/Os with AES67 (Dante or Ravenna) as analog or AES3.