3Play® 3P2: Unleashing Game-Changing Features

on 13.07.2023 18:21
NewTek  announce the highly anticipated update to the innovative 3Play® 3P2! After extensive research and valuable insights from operators at the forefront of sports production, we have raised the bar with a range of crowd-pleasing, sought-after features that will revolutionize your sports viewing experience.

What's even more exciting is that these outstanding features are available, completely free of charge, to all existing 3Play 3P2 users. Plus, we have ensured that every new 3Play 3P2 comes pre-loaded with these remarkable capabilities, elevating the way you bring your favorite sports to life.

Here's a glimpse of the extraordinary features that will take your sports production to new heights:

► Replay, better – Offering fully customizable tagging workspaces to instantly create playlists, the ability to change styles and sizes, as well as much more detailed data export - 3Play 3P2 makes replay easier than ever.
► Work, better – Access more than 30 playlists directly in the main workspace, turn elements on or off as needed or even move them to a second, third or touchscreen for ultimate flexibility of working.
► Quality, better – For the first time ever, share clips, resources and playlists between any 3Play 3P2 units on your network and view, define and reshuffle all audio inputs, to create individual audio output streams ensuring the very best production value